Three-point expert Keith Bunyan turns clock back

Keith Bunyan. Fury Captain
Keith Bunyan. Fury Captain
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Scottish Cup holders Clark Eriksson Fury moved through to the quarter finals of this years competition with an 81-58 win over Troon that saw captain Keith Bunyan roll back the years with nine threes in 22 minutes of play.

Bunyan who played while still not fully recovered from a trapped nerve holds the Scottish record for three-point shooting when he scored 11 against an U18 GB some 16 years ago.

While both teams had a number of players missing Fury had five of their nine-man squad under 20 and took control of the game in a 28-12 third period that took them 27 clear going into the final quarter.

Troon elected to play zonal marking – always a dangerous option when facing the Fury captain who was three-times in the top three 3 point shooting percentage in the BBL during his six-year pro career with the Rocks. Fury set a blistering pace as their opening five scores were three-pointers , Keith hitting the opener with brother Jonny hitting the fourth and Keith the fifth.

Fury led the opening stanza 17-13. Keith added a further five threes while only playing a total of 22 minutes. Scott Russell – who only played the second half – and 19 year old Craig Malcolm who started added a three each to make it a total of 12 from behind the arc.

A 19-12 scoreline in the second period gave Fury an 11 point half-time lead. The Falkirk side’s big surge in the third was helped by Greek forward Greg Foussas who chipped in with eight points.

Fury head coach John Bunyan told Heraldsport: “While both teams were not at full strength this was a very positive performance from our players. We were not as well prepared as we have been for a number of reasons and during the game we had to deal with a number of injuries.

“Our training was back to its usual high standard this week and with our Futures players winning their first game in the D2 Mens league – essentially a development league – I am happy the way the team is shaping up this season after significant changes.”