Three is a charm for Fury success

Clark Eriksson Fury's Greg Foussas was in action
Clark Eriksson Fury's Greg Foussas was in action

A Clark Eriksson Fury team won the Open Invitation Mens National 3 v 3 Basketball competition at the Peak in Stirling.

Teams from throughout Scotland took part and current Fury and pro Rocks player Jonny Bunyan, former Fury and Maine University forward Ali Fraser, Fury Greek forward Greg Foussas and former pro Rocks player, Latvian -Martin Malnieks .

This was a very strong Fury side with a great balance of positions. The Fury team had little trouble reaching the Final and that included disposing a Serbian based side in the semi-finals. In the final the Fury side met a combined West of Scotland side with Pro Glasgow Rocks forward Gareth Murray, St.Mirren’s Dave Johnston, Troons Graham Hunter and Storm’s Ross Rankine.

This match proved a great advert for Scottish bball talent with a fantastic game going the distance and the Fury side edging it 19-17 to take the trophy.

Meanwhile a couple of Fury basketball prospects have been part of a struggling Scotland under-18 team.

A predictable series of results in the opening games of Scotland’s U18 Mens teams European B competition in Macedonia saw the Scots suffer four consecutive defeats.

A hammering by Israel 86-27 saw the team get off to a worse than bad start. That was followed by 10, 25 and 23 point losses to Switzerland, Romania and the Slovak Republic and will again ask the question of the Scots competing at this level and the make up of the Scots team each year.

With a final group match against Sweden it will not get any better, consigning the Scots to a bottom place play-off situation.

Fury’s two players on duty – forward Fraser Malcolm and centre Ben Chok have had mixed fortunes. Malcolm has been one of the top Scots performers averaging just under 10 points per game and 30 minutes with three assists and six rebounds.

Chok had also been performing reasonably well but with half the minutes of Malcolm and then his competition ended in game 4 with a suspected broken collar bone injury.