‘Greatest ever’ win thrills Fury boss Bunyan with a comeback

Captain Keith Bunyan. Picture Michael Gillen.
Captain Keith Bunyan. Picture Michael Gillen.

A win that coach John Bunyan described as ‘one of the greatest in 26 seasons’ saw champions Fury come back from 17 down with six minutes to play to win by four.

It was backed by a crucial four-point play from former pro Keith Bunyan and keeps the Sony sponsored side at the top of the title race.

An amazing 20-0 run in the final six minutes saw Fury catapult themselves from 70-53 down against the much vaunted Edinburgh University basketball programme to lead 73-70 in the final minute.

The Falkirk side, whose only option was to press in the final minutes, did exactly that, and what Fury fans witnessed was a bit of history as their opponents folded like a deck of cards.

Not only did 40 year-old captain Keith Bunyan finish the students off, but he started the amazing run with a three to get his team to within 14. Austrian Adam Hammerschmidt then hit seven points in a row and the Fury charge slashed the deficit. Two free throws for Greek forward Greg Foussas and then a three and two from Lithuanian point guard Eddy Leginus to tied the game, to set up Bunyan’s final seven point finish and a win that few saw coming.

Fury head coach John Bunyan said: “The reason this was such a huge win for us was, that this is a very good, if not the best balanced and talented Edinburgh Uni Men’s team there has ever been. Their team is packed with talent from their centre Juffer, their NCAA US College player Jackson, to their trio of Euro guards and we were playing with four key players missing.

“Ziggy Dauksas stepped up to start for the first time ever and our former Scotland Junior point guard – Daniel Tran – had the most minutes he has ever played. Both did outstanding jobs, particularly Tran who was on the court with Greg, Keith, Adam and Eddy during that surreal comeback. The players just embraced what I wanted them to do in the final minutes.

“If we had two losses, that would have been a difficult situation, but now with a 6–1 record, I like where we are.”

Fury will reflect on a poor free throw shooting situation with only 11 from 24 at the line.