Bunyan shines in Auld Enemy double

Jonny Bunyan
Jonny Bunyan

Jonny Bunyan topped Scotland’s scoring as Falkirk’s basketball exports helped the national team see off 

The 21-year-old scored 13 in the first half to help the Scots 44-41 ahead. Outstanding rebounding performances from the Glasgow Rocks’ Gareth Murray and former Fury stars Kieron Achara and Ali Fraser – all on 10 apiece – were a key to the Scots doing the double

The day before, the home side had defeated England 83-59. 
On Sunday, England got off to a good start but the Scottish Leagues’s MVP of the season Bunyan soon ate into the lead.The second half saw the Scots play great defence – none more so than Achara and the hard working Murray.

Fury can rightly be proud of having six of their current and former players/coaches being part of a great historic double over the England National team after the victory the previous day.

Clark Eriksson Fury’s stars Bunyan and Fraser scorched England with 44 points on Saturday as the team strode to a historic 24 point win.

The English squad consisted almost entirely of BBL players – and faced Scotland’s team with a real Fury flavour.

Playing with his Fury teammate of some eight years –Ali Fraser – the pair showed why they dominated Scottish basketball with classic pick and roll plays and baskets in transition that had the English looking like the underdogs.

Indeed at the end of the first quarter the Scots had a 28-9 lead with the Fury duo scoring 24 of these points. Another former Fury star, Olympian Kieron Achara, was as intimidating as ever with some great shot blocking and rebounding.

Fury’s Scott Russell joined the fray in the second period and headcoach John Bunyan said: “This is a significant result and shows why we should not be the under-rated part of GB basketball that we are.

“Rarely are our players given credit they deserve – we had Scots’ coaches and players achieving this and the players responded magnificently, used their experienced of playing together over the years and showed they are great basketball players.”