Big match in prospect

Falkirk head coach John Bunyan
Falkirk head coach John Bunyan

Team basketball saw Scottish Champions Fury take down St.Mirren with a 20 point road win – six Falkirk players were on double figures.

Keith Bunyan 19, Jonny Bunyan 18, Greg Foussas 16, Scott Russell 14, Ross Gibson 13 and Walter Lubeigt on 12.

Leading by six at the half, Fury broke clear with a 25-16 third period that saw their scorers all contribute. The final stanza saw captain Keith Bunyan hit 10 personal as Fury recorded their most impressive win of the season.

While the established starting set of five shone, off the bench, 20-year-old centre Ross Gibson with 13 points and great defensive play continues to be the season’s revelation.

Fury opened up the game with three straight threes. Former pro Rocks player Scott Russell hit the the first with another former Rock – Keith Bunyan the next two to put the Falkirk side ahead early on. But it was a high scoring opening stanza that saw both sides scoring freely. Keith Bunyan added another two during this period with Frenchman Walter Lubeigt and current Rocks player Jonny Bunyan sharing 12 points.

Fury’s Greek forward, Greg Foussas had four as all Fury’s starters got on the scoresheet in the 27-22 period with Fury ahead by five.

A tight second, saw the scoring continue with Fury’s Ross Gibson starting the period with two baskets and Foussas finishing strongly with eight personal giving the Clark Eriksson sponsored side a six point half-time lead at 45-39. Almost all games this season have seen Fury break teams in the third period and this was no different as a 25 -16 quarter gave them a solid 15 point lead going into the final spell. Six personal from Russell and with threes from Jonny and Keith Bunyan and good inside play, Fury took control of the game.

A brief hint of a recovery as the game came back to nine was quickly quashed as captain Keith Bunyan hit 10 points in a row – back to back two-pointers then threes saw Fury take the game clear to 20 points. That’s how it stayed as Russell and Jonny Bunyan secured the game from the line in the final minutes.

The final 92-72 scoreline confirmed what a solid performance this was from the champions as they controlled the game pretty much throughout.

Fury headcoach John Bunyan told Heraldsport: “We played well as a team but I had to do a bit of work in the rotations as we got into a bit of foul trouble as the game progressed. We ended up with three starters on four fouls and one on three, that tells you this was a tough match despite the 20-point scoreline. It was also a very sporting contest with great play from both sides.”