Back to the daily grind for Bairns

Kieran Duffie and Stewart Murdoch lead the pre-season running session
Kieran Duffie and Stewart Murdoch lead the pre-season running session

FALKIRK’S players face a fourth day of exhausting pre-season training today, and they’ve been joined by other pro’s for a rigorous week.

Steven Pressley has been putting the squad through its paces with his right-hand man Lee Bullen back on the Stirling Uni training ground.

Also among the group has been Tam McManus, Darryl Duffy, Paul Mulrooney, Robert Olejnik and trialist Alasdair MacKinnon from Edinburgh University.

And although the players are welcome additions to training, Pressley insists he’s no closer to signing any of them.

“Darryl Duffy is just here training,” he told Heraldsport. “I had a brief discussion with Bobby Olejnik, and I hope to know one way or the other soon.

“The goalkeeper position is one that I can’t afford to wait much longer on.”

The gaffer looked on as his squad - including potential departees Tam Scobbie, Marc Twaddle and Mark Stewart - went through their preparations in “a mentally and physically challenging start” to the pre-season.

“The guys have all been putting a lot of effort in - it is hard work but they’ll see the benefits.

“We have a few others training with us, but at the moment that is all.

“I need funds or players to move before I can bring any in, but although that’s frustrating it might have a positive side too.

“Players who would not see Falkirk as an option now, may do so in a fortnight or so when the friendly games are starting, the season is nearer and squads are beginning to take shape.”

So as the season edges closer to kick-off Pressley thinks he may have a chance of adding to his first team before Falkirk open the season at Stark’s Park, Kirkcaldy.

“We can take confidence from our games against Raith Rovers last season.

“It is a very difficult league, no doubt about that, but I’m not a manager who is apprehensive about the way the games fall.

“Some have said it’s a good start, other have said the opposite - for me they’re only good games if you win them; that’s why we are putting the hard work in now.” n Pressley was expecting to see David Witteveen and Gareth Wardlaw at training on Monday but the Austrian striker failed to show.

Last week Heraldsport revealed the Bairns had hoped to look at the pair.

However just a day later the Austrian signed for FC Lusteneau in his homeland.

Wardlaw has been in touch though and interest remains for the Bairns.

Another homecoming, of sorts, for Kasper Schmeichel, might be dashed. A fee for the goalkeeper has been agreed between Falkirk’s friendly opponents Leeds and Leicester City.