Amor eyes up TT glory

FALKIRK'S Keith Amor stepped on the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy podium by default 12 months ago and won't rest until he has one for real this year.

The 36-year-old was promoted from fourth to third in the first Relentless Supersport race in 2008 after New Zealander Bruce Anstey's Suzuki exhaust was ruled to have breached race regulations.

Aside from his Relentless Supersport fortunes, Amor endured peaks and troughs on the island – finishing the opening Dainese Superbike race in seventh while failing to finish the 37.73-mile course on three other occasions.

Everyone who climbed the podium last year is set for a return with Amor due to lock horns with 14-time winner John McGuinness, Anstey, Cameron Donald, Guy Martin and Steve Plater for the second year running.

And while admitting the class of 2009 is the strongest he has ever seen – the Wilson Craig Racing rider is adamant he will be cracking open the champagne once again.

"I am trying to look at the positives going into this year – we had the speed for sure last year and I want to be up there with Bruce Anstey again," said Amor, who made his debut in 2007. "He obviously got relegated because his bike was deemed illegal but I am fairly confident

I can get give him a good run and get the podium for real this time.

"Things are pretty hectic at the moment and I can see this year's TT being the most competitive year I have seen out of the three years I have been going.

"I think there are seven or eight guys who could win races and I the one thing that has been most apparent for me is that even if you are the most prepared you still may not perform well.

"You can't cover everything and you need a bit of luck at times – John McGuinness will tell you that and he has the most experience out of anyone going."

Amor warmed up for the 102-year-old event by reaching the podium at last month's North West 200 road races in Northern Ireland for the first time ever.

Torrential rain wreaked havoc on race day but that didn't stop Amor, pictured left, claiming third in the Superstock race which was reduced from six laps to two.

The flying Scot played down his North West 200 achievements and, despite finishing in the top three, believes his best chance of a podium finish will come in the Supersport.

"Getting on the podium at the North West 200 was great but it was a non-event really – the weather meant that there was no opportunity for decent racing in any of the classes," he added.

"The 600 class is the one I will be looking at to win – but you can do all these laps on the bike during normal time and it all changes when you are going over 100mph."

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