A great victory ... and won with kids

Who can you name in this picture?
Who can you name in this picture?

Looking back on Falkirk’s Ramsdens Cup success

FOUR TIMES A WINNER: Another Falkirk first. The club became the first team to win the Challenge Cup four times. The competition has had many guises, but only Falkirk have won it on four separate occasions - 1993, 1997, 2004 and now 2012. In terms of entertainment and quality of play, this one was second to the Fir Park snow-storm, but much better than the others. The joy on the players’ faces at the end was priceless.

YOU’LL WIN NOTHING WITH KIDS: Wrong Mr Hansen. This was a win for youth and both Hamilton and Falkirk gave the youngsters a chance to play in a national final. We had teenagers in both sides and they were a credit to their colours. Who needs highly paid foreign players who will only be here for the money and gone tomorrow?

LAST WEEK’S TEASER: The Falkirk-Everton connection includes Sandy Young, Alex Parker, Eddie O’Hara, Tiger McLaughlin, Alex Scott and Davie Weir.

LAST WEEK’S MYSTERY PIC: Did you recognise the then survivors of the 1957 cup-winning team who were at Brockville in 1997 for the launch of Peter Duncan’s CD ‘We Are The Team’?

GOOD LOSER (NOT): What a shame that Billy Reid was so ungracious in defeat. His quotes about the goal were all over the tabloids. Take your pick from: (a) It was a foul on the keeper; (b) Darren Dods fouled Simon Mensing; (c) It’s no fair; and (d) The sun was in David Hutton’s eyes. Personally, I think a big boy done it and then ran away. But only after celebrating with the Falkirk fans.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT’S DUE: Fair play to Hamilton for giving their youngsters a chance as well. Stephen Hendrie is only 17 and so is Andy Ryan. Surely the so-called ‘bigger clubs’ can see that there is good young Scottish talent out there.

NICE TOUCH: Good to see Lee Bullen take part in the lap of honour. He had played a significant role in getting the club to the final in the earlier rounds.

SITTING PRETTY?: A cup final is a cup final. The pitch at Livingston looked the worse for wear, especially in the goalmouth areas, but what about the condition of the seats? They were less than clean and surely the stadium staff could have spruced them up a bit for such an occasion.

THIS WEEK’S TEASER: Which four players played in every single match of this season’s Ramsdens Cup tournament?

THIS WEEK’S MYSTERY PIC: Can you name (a) the goalkeeper (b) the player back row extreme left (c) the player front row extreme right and (d) the player in the middle of the front row?

BENCHMARKS: Match rating: 9 Team rating: 8 Opposition: 7 Referee: Winter 8 Best Bairn: Craig Sibbald