Retro Nostalgia 1992: Fishermen cannot carp about wee Liam’s mighty catch

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Pint sized angler Liam Kelly this week landed a whale of a fish.

And proud uncle, Peter Kelly, said: ‘‘It’s amazing. I thought he’d caught his line in weeds but Liam insisted it was a fish and when I saw the carp break water, I was stunned.

‘‘It weighed in at 3lb 9oz – I’ve been told the Scottish record is 4lb 4oz and that’s for an adult. It was a miracle he landed it by himself.

He did an incredible job for such a wee guy’’.

Seven year old Liam landed his super catch on a trip to Loch Lubnaig with his Uncle Peter on Saturday – after a ten minute struggle.

Now proud parents Patrick and Veronica of Ochiltree Terrace, Camelon, are considering having the massive fish stuffed as a permanent reminder of Liam’s epic battle.

Peter said: ‘‘He was grinning from ear to ear when I took pictures of him with the fish and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

‘‘He’s definitely hooked on fishing now. Getting a taxidermist to preserve it permanently would absolutely make Liam’s day.’’

But Liam, a pupil at St Francis Xavier Primary School, has already got a pile of photographs of himself and the carp.