Retro Nostalgia 1986: Red card for footballer’s bonus

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Football veteran John Kirkwood blew the whistle on his old team when they eventually paid up on a 53 year old debt.

The former Linlithgow Rose player was in the side which met Ormiston Primrose in a 1933 cup final.

John was promised a £5 bonus but the club never paid it.

When a new regime at the club realised the cash bonus was unpaid they invited John, a former foundryman, along to the club – where he was presented with £10!

‘‘It’s as well I got a lift to Linlithgow,’’ quipped the 74 year old. ‘‘If I’d taken the bus I would probably have been out of pocket!’’

A spokesman for the club said the £10 was ‘‘a gesture, not meant to replace the £5 bonus’’.

The 1986 equivalent of £5 is around £120.