Retro Nostalgia 1984: Unlucky break for Denny bride to be

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Bride to be Moira Allan had an unlucky break on the eve of her wedding.

Teacher Moira will find it difficult to put her best foot forward when she walks up the aisle.

Moira of ‘‘Arona’’, Endich Drive, Denny, broke a bone in her foot a week ago and now is in plaster up to her knee.

Now she faces the prospect of hobbling into church to take her vows on July 7.

Moira twisted her foot as she got out of her car at a petrol station.

Doctors are hoping to remove the plaster on July 4 ... three days before the happy event.

But, if the break has not healed properly Moira will still be in plaster when she marries building inspector Neil McFadyen.

Moira, a teacher at Bainsford nursery school, said: ‘‘We are all in a bit of a flap about this.

‘‘The doctors have said they will look at my foot on July 4. They hope to take the plaster off then.

‘‘However, it is only three days before the wedding. That’s cutting things a bit fine.

‘‘If the doctors decide not to remove the plaster we will still go ahead.’’