Retro Nostalgia 1982: Tribute night for retired nurse

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Retired nursing officer Miss Agnes Cadger saw her whole life flash in front of her eyes in Falkirk Royal Infirmary on Tuesday and she enjoyed every minute of it!

Miss Cadger, who recently retired as the hospital’s senior nursing officer (matron) after 18 years, thought she was going to a coffee evening.

But, when she arrived, she was met by 60 of her former colleagues and a familiar figure clutching a red book who uttered that immortal phrase ‘‘This is your life’’.

No, it wasn’t quite Eammon Andrews but it was the effervescent Ayrshire minister the Rev. James Currie.

Mr and Mrs Currie and Miss Cadger are very good friends. She has visited the Holy Land with parties led by the popular minister who compered the evening.