Retro Nostalgia 1980: Camelon school’s Malawi celebration

Two years ago a minister from Malawi came to Scotland to study for a BD degree and about the same time pupils of Easter Carmuirs Primary School, Camelon, began donating a weekly sum to further the education of a young student from Malawi who was one of the minister’s parishioners.

Friday, 24th May 2019, 5:22 pm

On Monday the Rev. Misanjo Kansilanga paid a call on the Camelon school where he met headteacher William Davies, the staff and the pupils, who, every Friday at assembly for the past two years have donated some of their pocket money towards the education of 17 year old Matthew Ngwale.

Mr Kansilanga (34), a minister of the African Presbyterian Church, Malawi, has been studying for the past two years at Aberdeen University for his degree.

His wife, Lorrin, and his two youngest children of a family of four are with him in Aberdeen. This week he is attending the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh as his country’s delegate.

Mr Davies said: ‘‘Pupils have been putting money past for Mr Ngwale’s education and will continue to do so.’’