Retro Nostalgia 1976: Everything is rosy at Grahamston Station

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The news that Falkirk Grahamston Station has won a special award in this year’s station gardens competition is not completely surprising for this is their 17th successive win.

They started winning at the same time our model, Pamela Brown, was born in Falkirk – and both just keep looking better as each year passes.

However, Station Inspector Robert Elliott explained that Grahamston’s awards date back even further – to 1928 in fact – when Stationmaster Mr Black first entered the station in the contest.

That year the station got its hothouse which every year plays an important part in providing seedlings for flowers. Mr Elliott said that the existing hothouse is being pulled down in January but they are in the process of building foundations for a new hothouse at the end of Platform 1.

It was in 1971 that Mr Elliott took over the gardening interests at Grahamston and, throughout the years, he has had 100 per cent support from the station staff.

‘‘There is a voluntary competition by the whole staff,’’ he said. ‘‘It is a team effort.’’