Retro Nostalgia 1972: 100 new inquiries a month for CAB team

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Falkirk’s Citizen’s Advice Bureau answered an average of 100 inquiries a month in its first year of operation – a considerable amount since the bureau is only open for 16 hours a week.

This, and other facts were announced at the general meeting on Tuesday evening.

New organiser Mrs Iris McGowran spoke with admiration of her predecessor, Mrs Barbra Miller, who has had to give up her duties recently for personal reasons.

Also praised were Elenor Durham and Mrs Oonagh Morrison whose efforts made up in part for the acute staff shortages which have hampered work in the past.

Mrs McGowran went on to detail the bureau’s work during its first year,

“Accommodation has accounted for 48 out of 100 of our inquires per month, civic, local and national questions slightly less.

“Closely followed by consumer, family, employment and social security problems.”

The annual financial statement was read by Rev. William Downie, branch chairman, who, happily could announce a healthy balance of £597.