Retro News 1988: Councillor ‘aghast’ at canteen costs

cup of tea
cup of tea

A proposal to spend £12,000 furnishing a councillors’ canteen infuriated Grangemouth representative Pat McCafferty.

The canteen at Central Regional Council’s Viewforth headquarters has already cost £20,000.

The council’s policy committee was considering a report on the standard of fixtures and fittings for the canteen when Councillor McCafferty rose from his chair and condemned the proposals contained in the report.

‘‘How can we justify this kind of expenditure when day and daily we meet people asking us why we have to cut back. I’m aghast we are proposing to spend as much as this on furniture,’’ he said.

Convener Councillor Charles Snedden replied: ‘‘We are simply trying to provide a reasonable standard of comfort complementary to the new reception area’s purpose and location.’’