Quest to find Falkirk family link to a historic trophy

A Perthshire man has asked the Falkirk Herald to publish these pictures of a magnificent silver cup trophy presented to a proud Bairn named Sutherland 120 years ago.

The Victorian era trophy was among items found in a cupboard belonging to his wife’s aunt, who recently passed away in her late eighties.

Mr Berry said: “We found the silver cup, presented to a TC Sutherland for the first prize for a table of plants, and dated March 30, 1900, from the Falkirk Horticultural Association.

“It’s quite a cup (not clear in the picture shown here) standing nearly eleven inches high! It must have been quite a trophy at the time”.

He added: “As we have no knowledge of this cup’s history, or how it ended up in Blairgowrie, my wife thought it might be interesting to see if any relatives of this TC Sutherland were still alive so we could return the cup to them.

“After 120 years it’s a long shot but worth a try.

“I have searched for information on the Society, but it seems to have been disbanded in the 1990s and although there are some old minutes still available online, nothing of use in this case.”

As an idea of the way the world has changed since the cup was presented to some proud Falkirk horticulturalist, on the very day it was handed over legislation took effect in France that saw daily working hours for women and children reduce from 12 hours to 11 hours.

The year 1900 was the last full year of Queen Victoria’s long life (she died in 1901), and notable events included the Boer War and the Boxer Rebellion.

Anyone who can help trace the family whose ancestor won the shield can get in touch by email at [email protected]