Looking back: Warm welcome for the Mariner Centre in 1985

The Mariner Centre leisure complex opened its doors to the public back in April 1985.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 21st April 2018, 8:40 am
Falkirk Herald Nostalgia. The Falkirk Herald 19th April 1985.
Falkirk Herald Nostalgia. The Falkirk Herald 19th April 1985.

And the people of Falkirk district immediately gave the Camelon sports centre a massive vote of confidence.

Around 2800 people turned up at the Glasgow Road complex on its opening day to take their first plunge into the luxurious pool.

Falkirk District Council officials said at the time they were confident that by the end of the week, around 20,000 people will have visited the centre.

When the doors of the complex opened for the first time, 20-year-old Ross McKeller was the first paying customer.

By being first at the door, Ross, 28 Watling Drive, Camelon, was officially greeted by manager Mr Bob McLean and his staff.

Said Mr McLean at the time: “We have been mobbed by people wanting to use the pool. We have had queues out the door every night this week.”

Falkirk District Council’s director of amenity and recreation, Mr David Mould, added: “The response has been absolutely fantastic.

“We had 2800 people through the door on Monday and over 2000 on Tuesday.”