Looking back: Langlees Young People's Association 1981

A band of dedicated youngsters planned to clean up one of Falkirk's '˜'˜problem'' areas back in 1981.

Saturday, 24th March 2018, 9:00 am

Members of the newly-formed Langlees Young People’s Association were fed up with the ‘‘dumping ground’’ image surrounding the area.

And, in an effort to turn the area into a brighter and better place to live they launched their own ‘‘Help Us To Help Ourselves’’ campaign.

The members of the Assocation decided that, if no-one else is going to help Langlees, then they had to do it themselves!

Among the adults who were on the Association’s committee was Andrew Marshall, secretary.

He told The Falkirk Herald back then: ‘‘What we want is a decent place to live in, a place where families can enjoy staying.

‘‘Most of the people in Langlees are just ordinary folk but a terrible stigma has grown up around them.

‘‘We have watched the social decline of our community and listened to ‘expert’ officials expound theories as to why Langlees is in this position. We don’t want more theories, we want action.’’