Diamond Dagger author meets Falkirk fans at Callendar House

Historical crime fiction author Lindsey Davis met Falkirk fans at a special event at Callendar House where she also spent time viewing the Gladiators: A Cemetery of Secrets exhibition.

Saturday, 5th October 2019, 12:33 pm
Author Lindsey Davis, pictured with reconstructions of the sort of helmets once worn by gladiators.

Lindsey, who has written 35 novels including the renowned Falco series set in ancient Rome, delivered a talk about her career and her latest set of books which focus mainly on Falco’s daughter, Flavia Alba.

She also thrilled fans with readings from her newest novel ‘A Capitol Death’ and took part in a question and answer session.

Diamond Dagger award recipient Lindsey said she was delighted to travel from her home in Birmingham to Falkirk for the event.

“It is always nice to meet fans of the novels and to do a question and answer session so I can answer anything they want.

“A Capitol Death is the seventh novel about Flavia and it has been very well received since its release in April. At first when I started writing about her the Falco fans weren’t very sure but they have grown to like her.

“She is a fantastic character and a lot of fun. Plus Falco is always still there in the background so he still has a presence and it was interesting to write about him too from this other perspective and show him in a new light.”

Lindsey has recently started writing short stories which can be digitally downloaded and her next book in the Flavia series ‘The Grove of the Caesars’ is already available on Amazon.

The novelist said she first became interested in history after her latin teacher introduced her to archaeology.

“From that point on I loved learning about archaeology and history. When I set out to be a historical writer I wanted to write a book on the English Civil War and after I did that I wanted to do something different and writing about the ancient world appealed as nobody was really doing that back then.”

she added she was proud to have spearheaded the movement of ancient world novel writing.

“There are so much more books out nowadays about that era,” she said.

Lindsey’s books are loved all over the world including in Italy where she visited in 2010 to a prestigious award

She explains: “I was awarded the Premio Colosseo award from the city of Rome which was a huge honour. The award itself is beautifully designed by a modern sculpture to be like the colosseum and made of solid silver.

“I am desperately proud of it as I am of my Cartier Diamond Dagger lifetime achievement award from the Crimewriters Association.”

Lindsey said she was excited to be meeting her fans at the same venue as the Gladiators exhibition which features the skeletal remains of six decapitated men who were buried in York in Roman times.

“I am so glad to get the chance to see it as I didn’t manage to see it when it was in York but I heard so much about it and find it all very fascinating.” she said.

“I think it is very well explained and displayed in a brilliant way here at Callendar House.”

Gladiators: A Cemetery of Secrets, which has been at Callender House since May, ends its run on Sunday, October 6.

For more information on Lindsey Davis and her books visit www.lindseydavis.co.uk