Bo’ness brute jailed after throwing bleach on pregnant girlfriend

A thug who doused his pregnant girlfriend in bleach and chilli sauce has been jailed for four years.

Thursday, 21st February 2019, 3:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st February 2019, 4:06 pm

Declan Johnston screamed “I’ll kill you” at Kelly Wilson, who went on to have a miscarriage, put his hands round her neck, and choked her, after taking ‘Breaking Bad’ etizolam.

He also trashed a flat, wrecked a corner shop where she fled in fear, and pelted police officers with bottles in a stand-off.

Stirling Sheriff Court heard he had acted after swallowing handfuls of “blue plague” pills – made in a Paisley lock-up.

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Johnston (24), tipped bottles of blue Domestos and yellow Power Force bleach over Kelly’s head, as well as sweet chilli sauce and tomato ketchup, and began to smash up his brother’s flat in Bo’ness, where they were, with a dumbbell.

The bleach ran into Kelly’s eyes, blurring her vision.

Kelly (22) suffered chemical burns and had a miscarriage.

She had to climb out of a smashed pane of glass in the locked back door and fled to the local McColl’s shop, with Johnston following.

Shop worker Elizabeth Rennie (60), reminded Johnston he was already barred from the store. Another shop worker, described as being “in her 80s”, was also present.

Johnston replied, “If you’ve called the polis, I might as well do it right” and began to tear down shelves of drink, condiments, and greeting cards and smashing bottles.

Swigging a stolen drink can, he pelted bottles, jars and cans at a customer who had entered unawares, and flung a can of beer at Miss Rennie as she tried to make a second call to the police.

He warned her: “I know where you stay, I’ll find you and set fire to you.”

He walked out with a case of Stella Artois under each arm just as two marked police cars arrived. Saying, “Here we go”, he began to throw bottles of alcohol in the officers’ direction.

They landed at their feet and smashed, and one officer was hit on the head. Johnston also threw bottles at a police car, smashing the windscreen, before retreating into the shop.

One cop managed to grab his arm and pull him out of the door, but was punched, kicked, bit on the forehead, and headbutted by Johnston, “lashing out and making unspecified threats”.

A police woman deployed incapacitant spray – but Johnston appeared immune.

It took at least four officers to bring him under control, and place him in a police van cage, still ranting and making gestures.

The court heard the incident on October 30 last year began after Johnston produced a bag of tablets swallowed up to 20 of them, stashed the rest, and fell asleep.

He woke up at 9pm and began to look for the bag of tablets, turning on Kelly when she said she didn’t know where they were.

Prosecutor Cheryl Clark said damage to the shop was put at £13,000, damage to Johnston’s brother’s flat nearly £1000, and to the police car nearly £200.

A plastic surgeon found a partial thickness bleach burn on the back of Kelly’s neck, and “spots”on her forehead and cheeks. She also had marks on her neck “consistent with fingertrip pressure”.

Miss Clark said: “The burns eventually healed, but Miss Wilson suffered a miscarriage after this incident.”

Police were left with marks and bruising – including a bite mark on one cop’s forehead.

Johnston, of Bo’ness, pleaded guilty to assault, police assault, threatening behaviour, criminal damage, and theft.

His lawyer, Simon Hutchison said the pills – made in the “Breaking Bad” Paisley drug factory – had caused him to “completely lose control of himself and his surroundings”.

Mr Hutchison said: “This was caused by Mr Johnston taking pills which he thought were street Valium, but turned out to be ten times stronger pills called etizolam.

“This wasn’t known to him at the time.

“These were the pills that were made by the gentlemen in Paisley who were through the High Court recently.

“When he has taken them he reacted to them and acted in this outrageous and disgraceful manner.”

Sheriff Wyllie Robertson imposed the four year jail term, plus an extension of two years during which Johnston can be recalled to prison if he offends again.