Dog treats UK 2022: treats to entertain your puppy or dog, including food and fun toys to play with

Eight of the best products to treat your new dogEight of the best products to treat your new dog
Eight of the best products to treat your new dog | Shutterstock

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New dogs and puppies have been welcomed in to homes up and down the country over the last few months, and if you have a four legged addition to your household consider these lovely treats

From foodie treats, to fun toys, and top tech, these are eight of the best things you can buy to entertain your new pooch and keep them healthy and energised.

Dogs also deserve to have the best food, so here’s the list of the best raw, wet and dry dog food for puppy and senior pooches. Your new pet also needs somewhere cosy to sleep, so take a look at our round-up of dog beds for canines of all sizes.

We’ve also got all the advice and products you need for how to keep your dog cool in the heat.

Pets at Home

Dogs can become restless relatively quickly, so it’s important to give them toys that will offer them different experiences that help keep them active and engaged.

Toys that squeak or make noise offer your dog a rewarding play time experience, and this one features an internal squeaker that your dog is sure to love, providing them with hours of playtime fun.

In addition, the rope legs and arms provide different textures for shaking and wrestling so the one toy can provide different types of stimulation for your new pet.

Pets at Home

Most dogs can’t resist a game or two of fetch, so treat your new best friend to this ball catcher for a fun and energetic playtime.

It’s great for your new pet and you as it will enable you to launch a ball much further with little effort.

This will make for a fantastic game of fetch to give your dog plenty of exercise.

Pets at Home

Introduce your new pet to a world of tasty treats with these fun shaped treats.

Okay, so you might appreciate the different animal shapes more than your dog, but they will definitely appreciate the flavour.

Good behaviour deserves a great tasting treat, and these are perfect for occupying teething puppies as well as adult dogs.

These fun shaped chews have added calcium to support healthy teeth and bones with no artificial colours or flavours.

Suitable for dogs and puppies over 3 months.

Pets at Home

A web exclusive, this little machine will help you to keep your new dog calm in stressful situations, such as being alone, thunderstorms, fireworks, visits to the vet, travelling and much more.

The high-frequency sound waves provide dogs with comforting relaxation.

The volume of the RelaxoPet PRO is infinitely adjustable and can play audible and inaudible sound sequences for humans, and the noise-motion system can detect stressors in the animal and can monitor stress levels.

Bulk buy for special deal prices.

Monster Pet Supplies

To help them keep up with your active family life, show your dog you love them with these dog treats.

They are the ideal complementary food, perfect for use as treats or rewards when training your new friend.

The variety of five biscuit shapes all contain a range of nutrients that help support your dog’s health.

Vitamin D and calcium help support their strong teeth and bones, while fibre aids good digestion and antioxidants help support their natural defences.

Monster Pet Supplies

This dog chew is both practical and enjoyable for your dog.

This is a chew that’s a treat not a chore, but it also cleans your dog’s teeth. It’s been created by a pet dental expert to make sure it works brilliantly, and uses top notch natural like parsley, coconut oil and fennel for a proper clean.

Bulk buy for special deal prices.


The interactive strategy game has two different levels of difficulty so .

The beakers have different lid openings and your dog has to work out how to get the treats out of them by turning them around.

You can adjust the levels so it is suitable for even the most proficient dog.

The detailed guide provides plenty of tips and trick to make training fun and interesting without overtaxing your dog.

Zoo Plus

The snack ball dog toy is a perfect combination of a fun game and a foodie treat all in one for your dog.

It is made from safe and extremely durable solid rubber.

All you have to do is fill the snack ball with tasty treats and let your dog do the rest. They will try to get the treats out of the ball by rolling it around and playing with it.

However, treats will only be released in small doses due to the ingenious snack labyrinth design, which keeps the treats moving around through the opposite openings until your dog can finally get its paws on the reward.

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