You can now buy lorne sausage and brown sauce flavoured crisps - here's where to get them

Would you try them?
Would you try them?

A lorne sausage roll is being recreated in crisp form, as Mackie's launches its latest "world first" limited edition flavour.

Lorne sausage and brown sauce will be the latest flavour added to Mackie’s crisp range, with the new limited edition snack hitting the shelves this month throughout Scotland.

The company's previous limited edition and unusual flavour was haggis, neeps and tatties, which launched last December and proved popular.

Square or lorne?

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    While the new flavour is being hailed by the team at Mackie’s as a clear and obvious summer successor to their Burns-inspired creation, they expect fans to be divided over whether it should have been called square sausage, rather than the more “refined”, lorne sausage.

    James Taylor, from the Perthshire based family business, said, “We trialled quite a few different concepts, but the lorne sausage and brown sauce combination became an instant hit with all of our team.

    “It really does taste just like the real thing – regardless whether you call it lorne or square.

    “The addition of brown sauce gives it a really savoury and complex flavour profile – and one we hope crisp – and sausage – fans will love in equal measure.

    “We’re quickly becoming synonymous for our patriotic limited flavours, but with good reason too.

    “As Scots, we’re too quick to put down our traditional foods, but in reality we have amazing produce and dishes we should be fiercely proud of.”

    What is lorne sausage?

    It is believed that the lorne or square sausage, as we know it, developed in the 19th century, as improvements to metal making allowed for foods to be easily shaped or baked.

    While the origin of the lorne name is disputed, evidence suggests it is not named after Glasgow comedian Tommy Lorne, who made disparaging remarks about the quality of sausages in the city.

    The most likely explanation is that it was named after the ancient district of Lorne (now part of Argyll and Bute) or The Marquess of Lorne, who was famous in the 19th century for marrying Princess Louise, the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.

    Nowadays, lorne sausage is most often enjoyed in a breakfast roll, where its convenient shape allows it to be easily paired with other items and often includes brown or red sauce.

    Where to buy the new crisps

    The Mackie’s team hope to confirm all the stockists in the coming days. Following strong interest, the new flavour will be readily available throughout Scotland.