Warning as WhatsApp trick means your deleted messages can still be read

WhatsApp users should be aware that even if they have deleted messages - they can still be read.

The messaging platform has installed a feature which allows people to delete sent messages - which can be handy if you've sent a message to friends and family but need to change the details. 

How does this feature work? 

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    This WhatsApp trick means your messages can be read even if they are deleted(Photo by DENIS CHARLET/AFP via Getty Images)

    This feature works across both individual and group chats and is available on all types of phones: Android, iOS and Windows. 

    However, it does come with a caveat where it tells recipients the message was withdrawn, with the space now saying "this message was deleted". 

    However, this move may not be as permanent as it first seems, as the message is stored on its recipient's phone, and can be recovered by them. 

    Messages can be restored via WhatsApp's backup feature. 

    This trick is easy to do and means your messages can be seen even if they have been deleted. 

    How to read a deleted message

    To read a deleted message, uninstall WhatsApp and re-install it from the device's app store. 

    Once logged in, there will be an option to restore chats from backup. 

    Select the restore option and the chats will be restored, including deleted messages which are shown as if they were never removed. 

    Has WhatsApp added any new features? 

    WhatsApp has been updated to include a range of new features, such as adding emoji reactions to messages. 

    However, there are several updates in the works, like having the ability to filter through unread chats and allowing business profiles to have cover photos.