These are the latest lockdown rule changes in Scotland - including lifting of 5 mile rule

The five-mile travel ban has been lifted (Shutterstock)The five-mile travel ban has been lifted (Shutterstock)
The five-mile travel ban has been lifted (Shutterstock)

Scotland continues to ease its way out of lockdown, cautiously transitioning from phase 2 to phase 3 of the government’s coronavirus route map.

From today those living in Scotland will be able to travel more than five-miles – though there are some restricted ares - allowing tourists to beauty spots and hikers to return to the country’s well-trodden walking routes.

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Self-catered accommodation and second holiday homes will also be unlocked as Nicola Sturgeon’s government attempt to ease pressure on the tourism industry.

Children aged 11 and under will no longer to be required to social distance when playing outdoors.

How do the new travel rules work? 

People living in Scotland will be able to travel outwith a five mile radius of their house for non-essential needs for the first time in months.

This means that Scots are allowed to travel as far as they like within the country’s borders.

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The rule will not apply to those living in parts of Dumfries and Galloway as the region continues to deal with a “complex” outbreak.

Restrictions on visiting self-catering and self-contained accommodation have also been lifted, allowing for Scots to embark on staycations.

What are the rules on children playing outdoors?

From today children aged 11 and under will be able to play outdoors, without physical distancing, in groups of up to eight and of no more than two other households.

Children in this age group will be able to hug loved ones from all age groups so long as they are not shielding.

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On the move, Sturgeon said: “We want to help children enjoy these summer holidays a bit more.

"We know while there are restrictions for the number of households we can meet, families will find it diffcult to balance the social needs of children and adults.

Children aged 12 to 17 will still be required to physically distance, but can continue to meet groups of up to eight people from no more than two households. There is no limit to number of groups they can meet in a day.

When do the next rules come into force? 

July 6

From July 6 outdoor hospitality, including cafes and pubs with beer gardens will be able to reopen.

July 10

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Wearing of face masks in shops comes into force with £60 fines for non-compliance

2m physical distancing rule relaxed to 1m on public transport, in cafes, pubs and restaurants and in shops, but remains 2m elsewhere

Households can meet indoors with up to a maximum of two other households with physical distancing.