The use of influencers to promote products is false advertising, says new study

By Christine Emelone
Thursday, 20th January 2022, 1:07 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st February 2022, 10:05 am

A new study of 2000 Brits by David Lloyd Clubs, has revealed that nearly two thirds (64%) admit that they never see success from diet and fitness fads that promise a weight loss quick fix.

Fitness and diet products are showing no visible benefits or value (photo: David Lloyd Clubs)

In particular, the average individual tries 17 new diets and spends £3290 on health and fitness products in their lifetime, only to see them fail.

When Brits do try unhealthy fitness fads and ultimately fail, they cite feeling disappointed (42%), frustrated (31%) and unmotivated (24%) One in ten (13%) even admitting to considering surgery to get the results they crave.

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    And it is not just the fads that are causing frustration, as the nation is catching onto the sales tactics too, with almost half (46%) stating the use of celebrities or influencers to promote weight-loss products is false advertising. This is because they don’t use the products themselves. A further two fifths (41%) agree that they promote unachievable goals to the public.

    Promoting active health and wellbeing

    David Lloyd Clubs, the leading health and fitness group, is on a mission to encourage Brits to say no to fitness fads and yes to a lifetime of wellness.

    The pledge seeks to encourage more healthy choices and refusal of fitness fads (photo: David Lloyds Clubs)

    Actress and TV Personality, Nadia Sawalha has teamed up with the club to launch the brand’s Wellness Pledge.

    The Pledge highlights how the brand is committed to encouraging the nation to focus on their wellness and health rather than just trying to lose weight. It also calls on the fitness industry to join in advertising responsibly. This includes encouraging healthy habits this January and beyond.

    Nadia Sawalha, Actress and TV Personality said:

    “From fitness fads to diets, I’ve quite literally done them all (I even tried a Water and Boiled Egg Diet!) - and for me personally, they don’t work.

    Slowly is the fastest way to get to your destination’ is a much better way to look at reaching your health and fitness goals. So, let’s scrap the ‘lose a stone in a week’ mentality and change the way the nation thinks”.