Revealed - 22 of the most expensive kittens and cost runs into hundreds of pounds

By Sue Wilkinson
Thursday, 21st May 2020, 12:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st May 2020, 12:17 pm

Cat lovers will have to dig deep to own some of the most exclusive breeds, as the most expensive kittens have been revealed.

A team of personal finance pros have looked at the average cost to buy 22 special breed kittens, with some demanding prices of up to £1,300 - as much as many popular puppies.

While most pet owners are happy to simply introduce a common ‘moggie’ into their families, the most dedicated cat lovers will need deep pockets to own the more exclusive breeds.

Persian, Oriental and Cornish Rex kittens are worth between £64 and £670 and other popular breeds such as Bengals and Maine Coons cost more than £1,000.

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    The most expensive cat on the list is the unusual looking Lykoi. It’s also known as the ‘werewolf cat’ and kittens sell for around £1,300 on average.

    The list of 22 breeds and average cost of kitten:Abyssinian, £1,000Bengal, £1,060Birman, £790British Longhair, £1,175British Shorthair, £1,049Burmese, £760Cornish Rex, £670Devon Rex, £835Exotic Shorthair, £810Keetso, £1050Lykoi, £1300Maine Coon, £1040Munchkin, £650Norwegian Forest, £760Oriental, £650Persian, £640Russian Blue, £820Savannah, £1000Scottish Fold, £1040Siamese, £700Siberian, £990Sphynx, £1030

    The research was carried out by The Money Pig.

    “If you and your family are thinking about bringing a cat into the family, consider also that there are plenty of costs involved beyond bringing the animal home for the first time.

    “Take into account that there are thousands of cats and kittens in UK rescue centres waiting for their forever homes. You might not find some of these exclusive breeds in rescues, but they’ll make loving, loyal companions,” said a spokesman.