New Tower of London £5 coin released - here’s what it could be worth

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A new £5 coin has been launched to celebrate a ritual that takes place at the Tower of London every evening.

The Royal Mint has created the ‘Ceremony of the Keys’ coin as part of its new Tower of London Collection. The coin depicts the Queen’s keys and a lantern to represent the ceremonial locking up of the tower at the end of each day to protect the Crown Jewels.

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Where can you get it?

The coin is available from the Royal Mint only, and will not be going into general circulation.

The cheapest version is the brilliant circulated £5, which costs £13 and includes a booklet explaining the Ceremony of the Keys. Other styles include a silver proof, silver proof piedfort, five-ounce silver proof, quarter-ounce gold proof, gold proof, and five-ounce gold proof.

The prices of these range from £82.50 for the silver proof to £8,645 for the top-of-the-range five-ounce gold proof coin.

Other coins in this series depict the Crown Jewels, a yeoman, and a black crow.

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What will the coins be worth in the future?

The future value of these coins is hard to judge, however commemorative coins in the past have risen sharply in value over the years.

The recent Peter Rabbit coins proved hugely popular, and a 50p coin featuring the character with his handkerchief went on sale earlier this year. Prices started at £10 for brilliant uncirculated, £65 for silver proof and £795 for gold proof.

And some coins that have been in general circulation have sold for significant sums too, with one Peter Rabbit coin featuring the rabbits nibbling carrots selling for £920 on eBay.