Major supermarkets slash prices on products as coronavirus leaves families 'stretched'

Morrisons is reducing its prices by an average of 23 per cent on hundreds of products, as other supermarket chains begin their own price drops.

Everyday items such as bread and rice, fruit and vegetables, make up the majority of the discounted items.

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While the two most popular items during the start of lockdown – pasta and toilet roll - are also included on the reduced list, along with meat, poultry and cleaning products.

Discounts 'here to stay'

According to David Potts, the supermarket’s chief executive, these reduced prices are not short-term discounts.

He explained ‘It’s been a tough year for many families who find themselves stretched.

‘To play our full part in feeding the nation, we’re cutting prices and holding them low to make our food more affordable for everyone.

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‘These are not short-term promotions; these are price cuts that are here to stay.’

A spokesperson for the company added that many of the products chosen would be those that are used to make children’s school meals, in order to help families out.

What other supermarkets have cut prices?

A number of other supermarket chains are also slashing prices in order to keep their loyal customers from straying.

Asda recently announced that it is investing £100million towards the reduction of prices for thousands of  food products as well as, baby and toy ranges.

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The price drops will include its own branded products alongside branded items.

Roger Burnley, CEO at Asda shared a similar sentiment to that of Morrison's boss, saying ‘We know that given the year it has been, saving money is more important than ever for our customers"

"Which is why we’ve invested in rolling back the price of thousands of products this September and will keep doing so through the rest of 2020 and beyond".

Additionally, while Sainsbury’s hasn't reduced its prices just yet, it has begun a price freeze on a total of 1,400 products.

Meanwhile Tesco has promised to make its everyday items cheaper – however it has not yet confirmed any upcoming promotions.