Here are the Lancashire filming locations where Brassic season 2 was shot - and how to watch it on Sky

Sky One's hit comedy Brassic returns to television screens tonight (7 May) - though the whole second season is already available to watch on Sky and Now TV.

The second series sees Vinnie O'Neil (Joe Gilgun), Erin Croft (Michelle Keegan) and company returning a life of crime in Hawley; robbing the local circus is just one of the heists they hope to pull off this time around.

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Hawley is a fictional town in Lancashire (based loosely on its rhyming counterpart of Chorley), though the production does make use of real life North West locations.

Here's where it's all filmed:


Much of what you see taking place on screen in 'Hawley' was actually shot in the Lancashire town of Bacup in the South Pennines.

Several town centre landmarks are featured in the series, which locals will no doubt recognise.

Bacup was a mill town during the Industrial Revolution, but has existed since Anglo-Saxon times, and now boasts a population of around 14,000 close to the border with West Yorkshire.

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There’s this whole idea of it being a forgotten town and forgotten people in a way," Jonathan Davies, location manager for the show told I Love Manchester.

"A former mill town feel where at one point there would’ve been quite a lot of prosperous businesses and everyone would’ve been in full employment.

"Those people are still living there but all that industry’s gone, and it’s what’s left behind I suppose.

"Bacup’s not a very big town but the architecture’s interesting because there are lots of gems from the Victorian period, and even some Art Deco examples around the town centre, so it’s an interesting combination."

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Some of the show's best scenes (much like real life's best 'scenes') take place down the pub, and a real life pub, rather than a set, was used for filming.

Just around the corner from Manchester's Piccadilly Station, The Star and Garter on Fairfield Street is that pub.

The Frederick Road Campus at Salford University stands in when the production needs a doctor's surgery, and the caravan site Ash lives is actually a car park not far from Manchester City's Etihad Stadium...


Vinnie's shack was filmed in woods just north of Bolton.

"There was this horseshoe of trees with established woodland and a stream running through it and then there was a clearing and you looked out," said Davies on the crew's discovery of the location.

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"In the distance you can see some buildings, which suggest a town within walking distance so there’s this idea that Vinnie keeps himself at a distance."


Scene's taking place in Erin's house were filmed in Ashton-under-Lyne, a market town in Greater Manchester home to around 50,000 people.