Ban for "sexist" Tunnock's tea cake ad at Andy Murray match

Banning a "sexist" advert for Tunnock's Tea Cakes was branded "overzealous" by campaigners.

The poster featuring a tennis player holding one of the popular Scottish snacks on her thigh was banned following just ONE complaint.

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Watchdogs ruled the "demeaning" poster - with the words 'where do you keep yours?' and 'serve up a treat' - was "likely to cause cause serious offence to some consumers".

An investigation was triggered when the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a single complaint about the poster in November.

However, Alex Wild, research director of the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "It's a wonder some people manage to get through the day when they're so easily offended."

He added: "The ASA usually does a pretty decent job, but someone has clearly got a bit overzealous serving up this ban."

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The one complaint challenged whether the ad was "offensive" and "irresponsible" because they believed it was "sexist" and "objectified women".

The ad appeared on a poster site next to the SEC Hydro Arena in Glasgow to coincide with a charity tennis match involving Andy Murray and Roger Federer, and was created with a tennis audience in mind.

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