91% of Brits have booked a holiday in Britain this year

Staying at home

A trip to Great Yarmouth couldn’t come at a better time as research has revealed there’s only one destination Brits have in mind for their summer holiday - a coastal stay in the UK.

A whopping 91 per cent said they have already booked a holiday in Britain and 40 per cent said they have opted for a trip to the coast rather than a city, sightseeing or glamping break.

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Nearly half (44 per cent) confessed a UK coastal break appealed more than any other type of break in the survey conducted by hotel platform, Hoo, and almost one in five (18 per cent) believe British holidays are famous for their beaches.

The nation also had its say on what they like best about British breaks, including being able to support the UK, knowing the language, currency and food, being able to take the dog, fewer Covid problems than overseas, enjoying a Sunday roast on holiday and sea views.

And more than one in five (21 per cent) say they are planning to spend £751-£1000 on a UK summer holiday this year.

Travel agency

Forget your foreign holiday. RuPaul’s Drag Race UK finalist Ellie Diamond claims there’s only one destination to check out … Great Yarmouth.

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Ellie wants the nation's trendsetters to ditch exotic, sun-drenched, Instagram-alluring foreign haunts in favour of the home-grown Norfolk jewel.

The Drag Race UK star set out her seaside vision at the grand opening of Shoreditch-based pop-up The Hoo Travel Agency, which is positioning Great Yarmouth as the only resort trendy millennials should be checking out.

Ellie said: “Who doesn’t like a great British holiday by the sea?

“Foreign holidays are a drag, so stay in the UK. There’s no need to go fannying about with passports, flights, covid tests and all that nonsense when you can just hotfoot it to England’s finest, Great Yarmouth.

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“So, stuff your Ibiza, turn your back on Bali, put two fingers up to the South of France and don’t panic about getting any sand into your tuppence all the way in The British Virgin Islands.

“Just breathe in that balmy British sea breeze and enjoy a blissful beach break on home turf.”

The pop-up travel agency in BOXPARK will be open for business until 11 June and is the brainchild of Hoo, an innovative new hotel booking site which encourages Brits to make an online offer for a better deal on hotel rooms.

Following a torrid year for the tourism industry, founders Adrian Murdock & Seb Lewis decided to dedicate all of their marketing effort to promote the much-loved Great Yarmouth - the famous seaside resort in Norfolk, renowned for its long sandy beach - rather than bohemian, hipster-spots such as Ibiza or Mykonos.

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Murdock commented: “This past year has been a truly savage time for hoteliers, and we wanted to push as many eyes to our sunny seasides - and our particular favourite - Great Yarmouth.”

“Our affection for this town is so strong, that we’ve decided to spend all our marketing spend on promoting how brilliant it is to be beside their seaside.”

The travel agency has been launched alongside a series of billboards across the city, and on the motorways surrounding Great Yarmouth.

Murdock added: “We’ve lined up a summer of activities in Great Yarmouth, showing that Brits can get so much more from staying in the UK and supporting local businesses.”

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The campaign, dubbed Yarmouth Is Great will be rolled out over the summer.

An incredible 82 per cent of Brits say they have never made an offer on the price of a hotel room and a shy 62 per cent admitted they would be too embarrassed to try.

For more information visit: https://justhooit.com/

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