10 of Michelle Williams's best performances

There has been an outraged reaction to the news that actor Mark Wahlberg was paid 1500 times more than his co-star Michelle Williams for re-shoots of upcoming Ridley Scott film, All the Money in the World.

After Kevin Spacey was replaced with Christopher Plummer, it was reported that the film's entire cast and crew took part in re-shoots of necessary scenes for free.

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It has since been revealed that Wahlberg received $1.5 million for filming the new footage, while Williams was paid less than $1,000.

At the recent Golden Globes award ceremony, Williams was nominated for the category of Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama for her performance in All the Money in the World.

Wahlberg did not receive any nominations.

Here, we look back on 10 of Williams's most notable on-screen performances.

My Week with Marilyn (2011)

Putting just a small snapshot of Marilyn Monroe's colourful life on the big screen, Williams's portrayal of the Hollywood legend during the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl (1957) was praised by critics.

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Miami Herald reviewer, Rene Rodriguez, said that Williams expertly brought Monroe's "inner demons and her move-star allure" to life.

The late film critic Roger Ebert wrote that Williams deserved an Oscar nomination for her performance - and, two months later, she was given one.

Meek's Cutoff (2010)

The actor took on the traditionally masculine western genre in Meek's Cutoff, and plays the strong-willed and intelligent Emily Tetherow in this gripping pioneer road movie.

After disaster strikes on the Oregon Trail, Williams's character takes charge of both the group and their sorry state of affairs, and her strong performance adds a great deal to the intensity of the film.

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Manchester by the Sea (2016)

For her appearance in highly-praised tragedy, Manchester by the Sea, Williams received nominations for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars, the Golden Globes and the BAFTAs.

Remarkably, she is on screen for only around 11 of the film's 137 minutes, but gives one of the productions most heart-wrenching performances in a memorable scene with Casey Affleck.

Commenting on that scene, film critic Tom Shone said, "If this actress were put on earth to do one thing only, it would be this scene."

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Acting alongside late ex-partner Heath Ledger (who she met on the set of this film), Williams plays the emotionally complex role of Alma Beers Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain.

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On the film's release, reviewers commended Williams for her convincing portrayal, and for the way she successfully reminded audiences that the film's leading men were not the only casualties of their star-crossed relationship.

Dawson's Creek (1998-2003)

Famously known as the actor's breakthrough role, Williams starred as Jen Lindley in teen TV programme Dawson's Creek for its entirety - six series in all.

Even though some disapproving parents found the Dawson's Creek's concept overly raunchy, the show's young cast were applauded for their accomplished performances, and Williams proved her acting abilities, even at the tender age of 18.

Blue Valentine (2010)

According to review site Rotten Tomatoes, both Williams and her co-star, Ryan Gosling, were credited with giving "performances of unusual depth and power" in romantic drama, Blue Valentine.

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Sukhdev Sandhu wrote in The Telegraph that in Blue Valentine, Williams once again showed her "remarkable capacity to convey hurt, defiance and grief."

Me Without You (2001)

Critics were taken aback by Williams's flawless English accent in this British coming of age story about the troubled relationship between two friends.

At just 21, Williams was proving her diversity and acting prowess beyond Dawson's Creek. According to Roger Ebert, she portrayed her character as "cuddly and smart both at once".

Land of Plenty (2004)

An ambitious film asking important questions about racism and xenophobia that now crop up in our society on a daily basis, Land of Plenty received mixed reviews for its plot and direction.

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Williams's performance, however, was deemed "charming and convincing" throughout by Leslie Felperin of Variety, and carries the movie.

Certain Women (2016)

Reuniting with Meek's Cutoff director, Kelly Reichardt, Williams yet again portrays a powerful female character in this slow-burning drama about the realities of life as small-town woman.

Flanked by the talented Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart, Williams shines bright as always, brilliantly capturing the rage of a woman sick to death of dealing with everyday sexism.

The Station Agent (2003)

Funny, sad and original, The Station Agent is a comedy drama that brings Williams and Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage together.

The pair's chemistry is a highlight, as well as Williams's wholesome charm.