Repair work will ensure historic Falkirk church arch remains in place for future generations

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Plans have been lodged to carry out vital repair work on the High Street entrance archway and gates of Falkirk Trinity Church.

Falkirk Council put forward an application to carry out the maintenance after it was discovered the stonework of the historic archway of the Manse Place church had begun to show signs of slight movement.

It is hoped the plans, if they are given the go ahead, will not only spruce up the look of the arch, it will enable it to remain in place for decades to come.

A council spokesman said: “This is repair and maintenance work proposed to the archway to ensure it continues to remain in situ. The archway has begun to show signs of slight movement in the stonework, and has reached the stage that larger scale repair works are now required to ensure the stability of the archway is maintained.

“The archway has in the distant past had some intervention, but the materials used at that time are now known not to be suitable to use with stone repairs instead of more traditional materials, such as lime mortar.

“Therefore any such materials will be removed and appropriate materials used for any repair works.”

At this time it is not yet known if the archway will have to be temporarily removed to carry out the necessary repairs, or if it will be able to remain in place.

Since the archway, like the church itself, is a listed structure, Historic Environment Scotland has been consulted through the listed building consent (LBC) application, and the full scope of works will be known once more in-depth work commences on the site.

The spokesman continued: “The current applications submitted cover all cases, including the re-building of the archway if required. All original materials and stonework will be kept and/or re-used where possible, with stone only being replaced where it is absolutely necessary to do so.

“Any replacement stone will be sourced to ensure it matches the existing stone through petrographic analysis. The archway once repaired and/or re-built will look exactly the same, albeit fresher in appearance.”