Maddiston residents’ anger over travellers’ camp at former fire HQ

Litter, human waste dumping and public urination are just some of the things residents claim they have to deal with since travellers moved into the former Maddiston fire station.

According to one frustrated householder, who wanted to remain anonymous, the problem started when the travellers set up cam on the site over six months ago.

He said: “Several months ago the travellers turned up to camp up on the old fire station HQ in Main Street, Maddiston, and have, bar a brief couple of weeks, remained there to this very day, and in the past week we have had additions to the encampment.

“The Fire Service are supposedly monitoring the situation but are unwilling so far to take legal action to remove them. The current situation is very unfair on local residents.

“This is in no way an anti-traveller campaign, it is mere frustration people are being allowed to live on land not designed for habitation. The place is littered constantly, which blows down into resident gardens, complaints have been made about dumping of human waste and public urination has been witnessed in the area, which is very close to the walking path that runs from Maddiston to California.

“There is a perfectly good site in Reddingmuirhead which is set up for this very purpose, but it seems that no one wants to push this matter.”

Residents got in touch with their local councillor to see if he could help.

Councillor Gordon Hughes said: “I have been contacted by residents who are concerned and frustrated about the situation relating to the Fire Station site in Maddiston where travellers have been residing

“I have contacted various Falkirk Council departments who have in turn liaised with the fire service. As the fire station site is private land under the ownership of the fire service, the responsibility for the upkeep of the site lies entirely with the fire service not with Falkirk Council

“My understanding of the current position is the fire service is now acting through its legal department and I am hopeful of a speedy resolution to this situation.”

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are well aware of the travellers at the Maddiston site.

Sarah O’Donnell, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service director of finance and contractual services, said: “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service fully complies with Equalities and Human Rights Legislation.

“Accordingly we are following due process which includes considering all the facts and circumstances and exploring all the alternatives – including legal action.

“SFRS is working alongside Falkirk Council and all of our partners in order to address the situation.”