Former health centre-turned-salon proving a cut above the norm

TKhair owner Tracy Mckimm is revelling in her salon's new base in her home village
TKhair owner Tracy Mckimm is revelling in her salon's new base in her home village

A hairdresser’s opened on the site of what was once a doctor’s surgery is in rude health, attracting repeat customers from as far away as Fife and Stirling.

The vibrant TKhair in Whitecross is certainly a cut above the norm, given its location in the village’s health centre which lay derelict for around ten years.

The Manuel Terrace building has a history of hairdressing as it also served as a salon during the 1960s.

After several years spent working in salons across the country, including 14 in Falkirk’s Damask Hair, owner Tracy Mckimm (48) had long harboured hopes of having her own salon — a dream which has now come true.

Five years spent operating her own hairdressing business from home came to an end in April when Tracy launched TKhair with the support of husband Kevin Winning and daughter Kasha, whose names are reflected in the initials of the salon’s name.

Although the business has only been operating from its new home for a few months, the hard work Tracy has put in to develop a solid base of clients over the years has seen TKhair get off to a flying start.

Tracy, who currently runs the business by herself, said: “Clients from the village are very supportive of my new salon. They remember it being quite rundown for a number of years.

“I have a very loyal customer base from areas like Stirling, Dalgety Bay and Stoneywood as I have been hairdressing 32 years.

“The building’s lain empty for the past ten years. It was my husband Kevin who purchased the premises.

“We’ve done a lot of work to the building, taking walls down and putting new ones in.

“We were trying to get it for a while and then saw a for sale sign was up and went for it.”

Offering all aspects of ladies’ and gents’ hairdressing, Tracy believes her all-encompassing approach to her job is the reason why clients continue to travel from afar for appointments.

She added: “I get a lot of good reviews on my Facebook page and have had good feedback from customers about the salon.”

To book, or for more details, call 01506 846500 or search ‘TKhair’ on Facebook.