Ferrari puts Kelpies and Wheel in the fast lane

editorial image

Baron and Duke were in the fast lane last week as one of the world’s most iconic brands paid them a visit to get a few snaps with them.

Italian luxury car manufacturer Ferrari sped to the Kelpies to do a photo and video shoot for the £150,000 California T model proving the pair are fast becoming an iconic global attraction themselves. The car was also taken to the Falkirk Wheel for the shoot.

Jason Harris of Ferrari North Europe said: “We were at The Kelpies, as well as the Falkirk Wheel, last week, shooting a video about the Ferrari California T which will be shown on the website, hopefully at the end of May or early June.”

The Falkirk Wheel was one of the country’s ten top attraction last year with 605,432 visitors – up from 514,170 on the previous year.

The Wheel, operated by Scottish Canals, and the Kelpies had a combined appeal to 1.3 million people in 2015.