Community shows support for Falkirk family who lost everything to house fire

Sinead Reid and her sons Brogan and Jack have thanked Middlefield Store owner David Smith and his customers. Picture by Michael Gillen
Sinead Reid and her sons Brogan and Jack have thanked Middlefield Store owner David Smith and his customers. Picture by Michael Gillen

A community has rallied together to support a family-of-three who were left with nothing after a fire ripped through their home.

Sinead Reid and her sons Jack (5) and Brogan (6) had to flee their property on Middlefield Road, Falkirk with just the clothes on their backs following the devastating blaze last Tuesday morning.

Although the trio have been given temporary council accommodation at a nearby block of flats, all of their belongings perished in the flames, which engulfed the house after a duvet cover was accidentally set on fire with a lighter.

The family’s new surroundings and lack of garden facilities have also proved problematic for the needs of Sinead’s sons as Jack, who is autistic, and Brogan, who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), both long to be outside during the good weather.

In an effort to help the family get through the trauma of losing the majority of their possessions, a community collection bucket has been set up in their name by a local convenience store.

Neighbours, friends and complete strangers have all given generously to the cause when popping into Middlefield Store to ensure Sinead has funds to cover the cost of feeding and clothing her boys, as well as some extra cash to supply them with toys.

The idea was thought up by the shop’s owners, David and Nicola Smith, who wanted to help out the family in their time of desperate need.

In just over a week, the store has collected £228.77 on behalf of the Reids.

David said: “They’re really good customers, the kids get on great with Nicola and I.

“These kids don’t even have toys and that’s what they need to be active. They’ve lost everything. Money makes the world go round but in a kid’s eyes it’s toys.

“They’re great kids and Sinead has the patient of a Saint. She is so nice with them.

“She’s a stay-at-home mum and she’s had it hard, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.”

After taking over Middlefield Store six months ago, Glaswegian David says he has become accustomed to regular acts of kindness and charity by his customers.

That’s why the support which has flocked in for the Reid family hasn’t surprised him.

David added: “It’s a proper community shop. The donations are a perfect example of the community spirit here.”

Sinead, who is originally from Shieldhill, expressed her gratitude to David and Nicola, as well as all those who have donated clothes, toys and money to her family.

She said: “I want to thank them for everything. They’ve been a great help.

“It was a scary experience to go through.

“The boys want to go home. The last house had a garden and a trampoline but this new one’s a top floor flat.

“It’s really difficult.”

Middlefield Store will continue to fundraise and welcome toys or clothing on behalf of the Reid family.

Donations can be made in-store.