Deposit Return Scheme for Falkirk details ‘unclear’ at this time

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Falkirk Council’s new Household Waste Recycling Charter compliant refuse uplifting system could change yet again if the Scottish Government’s Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) comes into force.

The scheme, initially proposed for the return of single-use drinks containers, was announced last September and a consultation document A Deposit Return Scheme for Scotland was published in June this year.

The consultation has now come to an end and the Scottish Government will consider the consultation responses over the coming weeks.

The Falkirk Council report at this week’s executive meeting stated: “At present, it is unclear as to what the process for the introduction of a DRS will be and what material it will include.

“We will continue to liaise with stakeholders involved in the implementation of the DRS and consider the impact of a deposit return on the council’s waste collection service and the range of opportunities that may exist for councils under the system.

“Whatever scheme is finally adopted, there is likely to be a reduction in the material collected by council services.”

Falkirk residents were urged to take part in the DRS consultation by Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald.

He said: “A deposit return scheme has huge potential to help us meet our recycling goals, as well as tackling the scourge of plastic litter. The issue of plastic pollution, particularly in our water, has become well known in recent months, as the impact of the problem was brought to light by Blue Planet last year.

“Having seen the system in operation in Norway for some 30 years I firmly believe the Deposit Return Scheme can make a real difference.”