Pet cat killed by dog off leash

Charlie the cat was killed by a dog that wasn't on a lead
Charlie the cat was killed by a dog that wasn't on a lead

A pet owner is warning people to be vigilant after her cat was killed in her family’s back garden by a dog that was not on a leash.

Louisa Glowacki, of Princess Street in Bonnybridge, has been left devastated after her beloved cat Charlie died following an attack by the lurcher-type dog on Monday.

Two dogs are regularly walked by their owner on the canal towpath, which borders the back of the houses, and have chased Louisa’s cat and other neighbours’ pets before.

Louisa and her husband Steven, who have two other cats, took Charlie in after she kept visiting their home a year ago, but it took months for the couple to win her trust.

Louisa said: “Charlie was my own personal shadow who would walk at my heel.

“This isn’t the first time anyone has complained about these dogs, but police will take no action because it is not a person who was attacked, even though the dogs are off their leads and out of control.

“The owner just walked away while my baby was left dying in my arms and showed no remorse. The dog did what comes naturally but the owner has no excuse for his irresponsibility and lack of humanity.”

Scottish SPCA Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said: “This incident highlights the need for owners to ensure their dogs are under control in public. Anyone with an animal that shows aggression towards another animal or person has a responsibility to rectify this problem immediately through training or veterinary advice.”