Noise issues at scrapyard

Residents oppose plans to bring more metal to salvage site
Residents oppose plans to bring more metal to salvage site

Residents have pleaded with councillors to reject a salvage yard’s plans to store more metal on its site.

Householders from Reilly Gardens, in Bonnybridge, attended a meeting of Falkirk Council’s planning committee yesterday (Wednesday) and were given an opportunity to put their points across to members about the high levels of noise at All Parts Auto Salvage in Hillview Road.

Issues of road safety and visual impact were also raised, but the main objection was the noise levels at the location, which a test – carried out by the applicant – showed to be almost four times over the acceptable limit.

Planning officers recommended the application be refused on the grounds of adverse noise impact on residential properties.

However, Councillor John McLuckie made a motion to continue the matter to get more information about the methods of obtaining noise levels and to discuss the application with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), which regulates the site.

Councillor Gary Bouse’s amendment to refuse the application was defeated by six votes to four.

It is hoped the information required will be available for the committee’s September 13 meeting. Officers were also instructed to send out an invitation to SEPA to attend the next meeting.

Councillor Malcolm Nicol said: “SEPA is the key. They cannot just continue giving permission to the applicants to increase the tonnage of scrap at this site.”