Wrangler clean-up begins

Demolition work begins at the site
Demolition work begins at the site

An eyesore is no more! The blot on the landscape that was the abandoned Wrangler Jeans factory in Camelon was finally reduced to rubble this week.

The derelict building has been bulldozed to make way for a Tesco which will open next year.

Elsie Oberg of the Camelon Area Regeneration Group (CARE) was invited to watch the site being flattened. She said: “This is the start of a new future. The store will provide a much needed commodity and create much needed jobs.”

Falkirk Council leader Craig Martin said: “We welcome the investment that Tesco is bringing to the area and are sure the local residents will benefit from the massive boost to the local economy.”

The superstore will create over 200 full and part time jobs.