Would ‘shoe’ believe it!

Scott welcomes back his missing footwear
Scott welcomes back his missing footwear

It began as a stag do in Cardiff for a group of Falkirk friends and became a mystery 
involving a Welsh taxi driver and a brown leather shoe.

But despite stories appearing in several national newspapers, Scott Watson is still none the wiser as to the identity of the cabbie who managed to return his lost item of footwear from the Welsh capital to his home in Carronshore.

The 28-year-old was in Cardiff on May 10 to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of pal Campbell Forsyth, originally from Hallglen.

He only realised he was missing one of his Topman brown brogues when he woke up the next day in his hotel after a lively night out.

That was the last Scott thought of his missing shoe until it arrived in the post – along with a letter from a taxi driver named David – four days later.

The letter said: “Hi Scott, my name is David and I was you and your friend’s taxi driver on Sunday night! I thought I would enclose this letter to explain why I have your shoe, as the two of you were pretty tanked on Sunday evening.

“Basically you wanted your shoe to see the sights of Cardiff with me on my night shift so you gave me your shoe and your address and made me promise I would send it back.

“As I am a man of my word I have done, so I hope it reaches you ok and I hope the two of you got home ok. Take care, David.”

Scott said: “I’d like to hear from the taxi driver to hear the full story, but I doubt he’ll get in touch now.

“I posted a picture of the shoe and the letter on Facebook. I had no idea at all that it would cause such a reaction from people.

“My brother Craig was with me at the time, but he doesn’t remember anything either.”