World record attempt at the Helix under the unlit Kelpies

People posing in front of the unlit Kelipes during Earth Hour
People posing in front of the unlit Kelipes during Earth Hour

History was made at the Helix as a world record was attempted under the eyes of the unlit Kelpies.

During Earth Hour, which saw the lights at district’s newest tourist attraction turned off, around 130 people turned up to join in a mass yoga pose.

Lindsey Porter who was in charge of the event was delighted at the number of enthusiasts who joined in.

She said: “It was great to see so many people at the Kelpies.

“Everything was so official, we had the Guinness representative there to make sure everything was done by the book.

“We had 130 people posing and we’re hoping to hear soon that this is a new record.

“Well done to everyone who was part of it.”

Lindsey had been asked to lead the pose following the success of her Yoga Around Falkirk initiative, which saw her pose at a different location in the town every day during January.

She said: “The popularity just kept growing and I ended up being asked to help during Earth Hour.”

For 60 minutes, the Helix and the Kelpies joined the rest of the world in raising the awareness of climate change by switching off their lights.

Lindsey’s yoga pose fitted the theme of Earth Hour as she explained: “The Tree Pose is all about people exhaling through their roots and being at one with nature.

“The whole experience was fantastic.”

Lindsey is now looking forward to her next adventure which includes Yoga for Alzheimer’s and even yoga for animals.