Woodcraft groups to come to Camelon

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The Woodcraft Folk have been given £69,744 of National Lottery funding.

The cash is part of the Our Place initiative, which aims to empower local people to have a say in making a lasting and positive difference to their neighbourhood.

Camelon is one of seven neighbourhoods across Scotland that has been chosen for additional National Lottery investment through this funding programme.

The cash will be used to establish three woodcraft activity groups in Camelon.

Clare Ritchie, Scottish Officer at Woodcraft Folk Scotland, said: “These groups will provide opportunities for local children and young people to participate in a wide range of activities including games, crafts, cookery, drama, exploring nature and bushcraft.”

Local adults will be trained as leaders, helping them gain skills and confidence.

Maureen McGinn, said: “I wish Woodcraft Folk Scotland the best of luck, and look forward to hearing about the positive impact of the spaces they’ll provide for children and people to socialise and develop new skills.”