Wicked star is keeping two feet on the ground

The cast of 'Wicked', currently enjoying a run in London's West End
The cast of 'Wicked', currently enjoying a run in London's West End

A former Children’s Theatre member is having a ‘Wicked’ time in his latest stage role.

Kieran Brown is currently starring in the show – which tells the story of the witches from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ – in London’s West End.

Prior to ‘Wicked’, Kieran was in ‘Love Never Dies’, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ill-fated sequel to ‘Phantom of the Opera’ which was cancelled last summer.

Kieran said: “It was a bit of a disappointment when it was cancelled. “Andrew has been interviewed recently saying that he made a mistake in closing the show when he did, but by the time he realised it was too late.

“It was such a wonderful piece and it’s one of the jobs I’m most proud to have worked on so I would like to see it come back in the future.”

Luckily for Kieran, he had the audition for ‘Wicked’ before ‘Love Never Dies’ closed, so he wasn’t left out of work for long.

However, he did fear that two left feet might have messed up his chances of getting a part.

Former Larbert High pupil Kieran said: “I had seen the show five or six times but I never thought that I would be part of it in a million years – mainly because I didn’t know that there was a non- dancing role! “I did still have to do what they call a movement call, and I really thought I had done a terrible job.

“I love the show. I’d always thought I would be in shows like ‘Phantom’ or ‘Love Never Dies’ and this is something completely different.”

Kieran plays a number of different roles in the show – the father of Elpheba (the Wicked Witch), one of the guards and Professor Nikidik as well as understudying for Dr Dilliman and The Wizard.

To get into character for the roles Kieran has had to shave off his hair which he admits he hated doing - but he concedes it’s a small price to pay to be part the show.

He said; “There is something about ‘Wicked’ which has really captured people – it tells them that it’s alright to be a bit different.

“It’s a massive production with so many people involved and so much attention to detail – I think that care and attention is another reason why it is so popular.

“My favourite scene is ‘Dancing Through Life’ – although I’m not involved in it, it’s amazing to just watch the whole 15-minute sequence.

“As I play one of the guards, I have to lie on stage when Elpheba is singing ‘Defying Gravity’, and that gives me goosebumps every night.

“Every so often I catch myself thinking, Oh my God, I’m in ‘Wicked!’”

Kieran’s contract runs until November but with the show still taking bookings into 2013, he’s hopeful that it might be extended.

He added: “I’m really lucky to have one of the best jobs in town, and hopefully if I keep working hard, I would like to be able to stay here.”

As a former member of Falkirk Children’s Theatre and Youth Theatre, Kieran believes the grounding in theatre he got in is formative years set him on the path he now on.

Kieran is now one of the honorary patrons of the Big Bad Wolf Children’s Theatre Company, so called after the nickname given to director Bill Graham when he was in charge of the youngsters.

He added: “I know that this week is the Big Bad Wolf’s show which always makes me think of Mr Graham.

“The whole ‘Wicked’ cast actually recorded a wee good luck message to show the kids before their first show!

“I’d like to think that Mr Graham, and my Nana who we lost a couple of weeks ago are watching ‘Wicked’ and would be proud.”