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The Oran site
The Oran site
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Falkirk Council’s use of waste group Oran Environmental Ltd has been questioned.

SNP Group leader Cecil Meiklejohn said the firm’s track record should have made councillors think twice.

However, members of the council’s policy and resources committee agree to award three-year contracts worth £415,000 and £750,000 for recycling and segregating bulky skip material to the Grangemouth-based firm and a number of other companies.

Mrs Meiklejohn said: “Oran Environmental Ltd don’t exactly have a good track record. Why are we still putting work their way when we have residents in Grangemouth putting up with issues like fly infestation.

“Falkirk Council continuing to use this organisation while all these issues are ongoing doesn’t bode well.”

Falkirk Council leader Craig Martin stated the choice of Oran would bring local jobs and development services director Rhona Geisler added the tender Oran put forward had to be considered on its merits along with all the others.

Oran Environmental Solutions’ waste operation, in Abbotsinch, Grangemouth, has been the subject of ongoing monitoring by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency for most of the year after it was identified as the source of the flies infesting nearby homes.

SEPA inspected the premises, issuing an enforcement notice on May 4 that required specific actions be taken by Oran to control the numbers of flies at the site.

Since then SEPA officers have conducted several site inspections and seen operations improve. Additional measures have been taken to control flies.

These include daily applications of insecticide, installation of a static spraying system on the baler equipment and in reception bays to deal with the presence of flies in incoming waste materials as they are tipped and the installation of flexi doors on the main building to limit the ability of flies to exit the building.

A SEPA spokesperson said: “A site inspection was completed on August 10 and there was a notable reduction in the number of flies on site at that time.

“During this inspection the site was found to be operating in compliance with licence conditions. SEPA will continue to closely monitor the site for the presence of insects to ensure that a suitable standard of pest control is undertaken.

“We are prepared to take further, more significant enforcement action should the improvements noted on site not be maintained.”