Where has Gracious Service Gone?

At the Battalion council held in the Peoples’ Church, those present heard our Hon President Colin Mailer advise on preparing for the Battalion centenary in 2017. In the history leading up to similar events he stressed that whoever took on such work must be prepared to give unstintingly of their time to ensure the success of any celebrations. He indicated that times have changed in the BB and ideas had to come from the up-and-coming officers; something perhaps hard to envisage in the attendance at the council itself which was pretty abysmal and, as often, shored up by the loyal few of the ‘old brigade’!

However, plans were put forward to begin such ‘blue sky thinking’ as would be required to make best use of the time beforehand and so achieve some memorable events, particularly for the boys who would be the future.

Also approved was hosting the national five-a-side finals on April 30, 2016, with all the work and organisation that entails. Some ideas were mooted and a small committee will be formed to do justice to the event which would be seen by BB representatives from England, Wales and Ireland as well as Scotland.

Often the problem lies in the fact that officers are very busy with their own companies and cannot devote further time to organise such additional happenings, no matter how prestigious.

Battalion Queen’s Badge advisor also falls into that category as he/she has to keep tabs on the work of candidates whose efforts and attendances generally happen when dedicated company officers are unavailable. With this post, too, real experience of what is acceptable as qualifying projects is paramount, to ensure the standard is uniformly maintained. An experienced officer, ‘idle’ in terms of non-company- attached, is urgently needed.