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Lewis Wilson has one of the area's most popular first names
Lewis Wilson has one of the area's most popular first names
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Lewis and Lily topped Falkirk’s ‘baby name’ charts in 2012.

The proud parents of 40 newborn Bairns, 18 boys and 22 baby girls, opted for them this year, with Kyle and Jack and Sophie and Freya closely following them in the popularity stakes.

Across the district Logan, Charlie, Tyler, Harris, Matthew, Riley, Aaron and Callum completed the top 10 for boys and Isla, Ava, Emma, Jessica, Emily, Ruby, Amelia, Amy, Lucy and Mia the other favourites for girls.

Nationally, Jack remained the top boys’ name for the fifth year in a row with Sophie number one for a girl for the eighth consecutive time.

Riley was the only new entry to the boy’s top 10 rising 11 places to third in the space of 12 months while Amelia moved up 20 places to ninth in Scotland.

About 27,700 boys and 26,400 girls were registered between January and December 1. The top 50 boys’ names accounted for 44 per cent of all those and the top 50 girls’ first names for 41 per cent. Parents chose almost 7400 different names and nearly 4800 of them were unique.

Between them Jack and Lewis have been firm first picks for the last 14 years with Jack number one with Lewis number two in 10 of those and Lewis top and Jack second for the other four. James, Logan and Daniel are fourth, fifth and sixth respectively, Ethan, Harry, Alexander and Oliver completing the top 10.

As well as Riley, in the boys’ table big climbers in the year were Max, up 15 to 11, Tyler up 20 places to 12, Alfie up six to 17, Mason up 13 to 18 and Liam up five to joint 20. Three new names in the top 50 are Rhys, Joseph and Leon but Ben, Jay and John have dropped out.

New entrants to the top 100 are Alex, Blake, Calvin, George, Olly, Sebastian, Shay but Zac, Corey, Hamish, Jackson, Kieran, Lennon, Mohammed, Reece, Taylor and Zak are no longer included.

Emily moved up four places to second in the Scottish top 10 with Olivia, Ava, Lucy and Isla third, fourth, fifth and sixth respectively. Lily has fallen from second to seventh with Jessica, Amelia and Mia completing the list, Amelia and Mia featured for the first time.

In the top 20, Millie moved up seven to 11, Freya four to 15 and Hannah five to 19 with Chloe, down four to 14, Emma, seven to 18 and Holly, five to 20.

Newcomers to the top 50 were Orla, up 19 to 36, Hollie, 18 to 39, Lacey, 12 to joint 41 and Amber, 11 to joint 41. Winners in the popularity stakes were Ella, Poppy and Lexi but losers were Erin, down 11 to 23, Kayla, 12 to 32, Abbie, 12 to 47 and Megan, 16 to 50 who all suffered a clear drop in popularity.

Abigail, Aimee, Caitlin, Lauren and Lilly drop out of the top 50 altogether while Ayla, Bethany, Jasmine, Laila, Laura, Neve, Phoebe and Sara no longer make the top 100 where the new names are Willow, Scarlett, Lois, Emelia, Darcy and Bella for the first time.