Weight restriction plan for Laurieston road will wait

New weight restrictions will be put in place at Icehouse Brae and Laurieston Road
New weight restrictions will be put in place at Icehouse Brae and Laurieston Road

Heavy lorries will be forced to use a new route to reach a major industrial estate - eventually.

Plans to ban traffic over 7.5 tonnes from a stretch of Icehouse Brae and Laurieston Road has been put on hold until other work planned for the area is complete.

At the moment goods vehicles over that weight are allowed to use the road to access premises in the Laurieston Road industrial area. But when the restriction is introduced by Falkirk Council lorry drivers will have to use the A904 Falkirk Road instead.

The council’s planning committee agreed the delay. The issue was on its agenda after an objection to the scheme.

Councillors were told that, with the exclusion of the Icehouse Brae roundabout, historically there has always been a 7.5 tonne weight limit from Zetland Drive, Laurieston, to Falkirk Road in Grangemouth. It was in place before the contruction of the A9 Laurieston by-pass and the Icehouse Brae roundabout but allowed lorries over 7.5 tonnes access to premises on Laurieston Road and Icehouse Brae.

But now the road design means larger trucks and trailers must travel along the middle of the road to safely negotiate the double bend on the approach to the industrial complex and that has sparked fears accidents could happen.

Council experts say that given the significant alterations to the road network and the sub standard layout of Laurieston Road a replacement Traffic Regulation Order is required to reduce the extent of the existing weight limit to cover the road between the Icehouse Brae roundabout and Thornbridge Sawmills. Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes will be required to reach Laurieston Road industrial area via the A904.

Councillor Sandy Turner said: “I have concerns about the timing of this given what else is being planned. This road gets seriously clogged up at times already.”